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Privileged - Navy

Privileged - Navy

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Shankly: 50 Years on. 1974-2024

To commemorate the upcoming anniversary of 50 years since Bill Shankly shook the world and retired from football, we are launching an exclusive range of apparel.

 Shankly was a staunch socialist; a man of the people. His politics are as relevant today as they ever were………50 years on. Our designs will focus on reflecting his socialism and his visionary ideologies, a reflection on the relevance of his ethos…………50 years on.


“I have drummed it into our players, time and again, that they are privileged to play for you. And if they didn’t believe me. They believe me now!”

Words that reverberated around St Georges Plateau in 1971 after a raucous crowd greeted Liverpool upon their return from the 1971 Fa Cup final, a game they actually lost! The “show of red strength” was enough to spare Shankly, a notoriously charismatic orator into action. He felt the need to tell the people that he and his team did everything for the people, and that it was they who the players played for. It was a monumental show of camaraderie. A show of togetherness. Us against the world.

Our Privileged design shows Shanks in full flow; finger pointed; as he orchestrates the crowd to his words, flanked by Tommy Smith, Peter Thompson and Emlyn Hughes. 50 years on, Jurgen Klopp’s now legendary fist pumps at the end of a game to the Liverpool fans demonstrate that same ‘together’ mentality.

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